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Originally Posted by Sean Adams View Post
There are a few options I think you have:

1.) Walk away from this opportunity. You are not prepared to do this work just yet. I recognize it is the type of work you want to do, but if you experiment or attempt to learn on a client's lawn with no previous experience, no license, and the inability to identify diseases, turf types, etc. then you are asking for a problem.

2.) Crash course cramming. Get licensed, get online and study everything you can about this type of work. Get outside and actually test yourself - look at turf types, diseases, etc. and see if you can identify them and recognize how to treat/repair them. Read the lawn care section of this forum - don't ask questions right away, just read and soak in the information. Go to as well.

3.) Contact a certified, licensed, insured service provider you feel comfortable with and explain your situation. Develop a relationship with him. Ask him if he will do the work as a subcontractor and make sure you are on site with him - watch him (or his employees), learn from the process.
Thank you. I appreciate everyone's comments and input.
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