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In my state even if you subcontract application services you still need to register your business with the state. Be sure to check if there is a similar requirement in your state if you take that route.
If a company which does not employ a certified commercial supervisor wishes to bid on (solicit) a contract that includes commercial pesticide applications, they may subcontract the pesticide application to a second company which is properly registered. The unregistered company must then comply with all pertinent laws and regulations including, but not limited to, the following:

registering as a commercial pesticide application business;
having the subcontractor complete Part VII (subcontracting information) of the registration form and sign Part VIII of the application;
maintaining the pesticide business records;
notifying individuals on the registry of pesticide applications; and
providing pesticide label information prior to contract agreements to all customers.
The certified supervisor must comply with all pertinent laws and regulations including, but not limited to:

being present at the time of the pesticide application or provide written instructions to certified operators;
posting outdoor applications with the name of the subcontracted company;
maintaining required pesticide application records; and
submitting the annual pesticide-use summary.
This is why I just refer applications out.
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