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Originally Posted by lawnprosteveo View Post
I dont like debt, but I bought my F250 new in '03. I got it with the intention of keeping it as long as possible. It now has 150K on it and has been trouble free. So I would say buy new if you can and keep it as long as you can once its paid for.
I second this opinion. When I bought my new truck in 2011, I meant to keep it until it fell apart. I am not a fan of irresponsible debt. People who take on debt they knew they couldn't afford are very irresponsible. You shouldn't buy something knowing you are going to have to only eat ramen noodles every night until you get it paid off. It is not sustainable. It is just like losing weight. You can't say, I am never going to eat unhealthy food again because it is not sustainable. You have family get togethers, birthday parties, anniversaries...Life happens and you have to learn to roll with it if you want success in anything you do. Don't paint yourself into a corner.
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