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Originally Posted by tonygreek View Post
It's out there, and I do see it in the results, it's just not ranking yet. Like anything else index-related, give it some time and make sure you've optimized it as best you can.

Re: optimization, you might want to watch out for keyword stuffing on your web site. I see 24 and 25 home page references to Stamford and Darien, as well as your footer is a textbook case of stuffing. Also, your county is spelled wrong, in the home page content.
thanks for the info. i wasn't sure if google local gets posted right away or not.

thanks for the spelling mistake as well.

any good website that you recommend for optimizing google local?
i never knew that putting in town names was stuffing. i was thinking it was more for terms such as lawn care ect. as well i was not aware the footer was taken into the count. my assumption was it was only the page contents, that was considered for search results.
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