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I have a real easy solution. I mentioned this to someone else recently on here.

1. Bring lots of beer to golf course super.
2. compliment him on a wonderful job he is doing.
3. Tell him you have an idea that will bring him more beer.
4. Ask him if the next time they do aerification to tees or greens (best grass they have) that they dispose of the plugs at your home. What may also be a shortcut for them.
5. They have machines that can spread that stuff out nice.....or labor for cash.
6. Bring him beer or do a cookout for the crew (they are busy) during aerification as a thanks.
7. water like crazy for 2 weeks and there it is.

if you are lucky, they will have some sort of sweet ultradwarf.

8. send me beer when your lawn is awesome, for my awesome idea.

just have this area sprayed out and all prep finished before they come
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