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Originally Posted by Wet_Boots View Post
Upper 20's usually doesn't break plumbing, especially that connected by heavy copper and brass to a heated basement.
It's definitely worse when it gets below 25.

Around here the norm is AS valves on PVC.

In my experience the Richdel/ Irritrol jartops are one of the worst effected. Rainbird ASVFs tend to survive OK.

Brass actuators, like Champion or Superior, on older brass valves split sometimes. And with plastic actuators like the Hydro Rain/ Hardie/ Irritrol 311A the internals would kind of explode.

Lots of above ground pool equipment with no covers too.

And RPZs required for a lot of businesses, like salons, dog groomers, medical and dental, etc. Usually installed within 3 ft. of the meter, with no covers.

December 1990 it got down to 19 degrees and did a lot of damage. Lots of construction/ development since then.
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