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I may have actually timed this just right but I have a few questions to mull over and request some feed back.

My original site ELS Landscape was all hand coded and created some 8 years ago if not 9. I have pretty much ranked well in the lawn service and Lawn care search just under the ads and local listings. I have someone with duplicate content pretty much word for word right down the meta tags.

I think he also does more paid advertisement but we often would switch back and forth.

I purchased because I think that is what most people called my company. IE look at the Turf Mag interview and they cited the company name as els landscaping. I got a truck lettered and they put landscaping on it so what the hey... I typically just had that URL redirected to he main domain.

I started playing with drupal and decided to use that domain. I have blown up that site about 4 times. Right now it is half baked with maybe two month old pages on it.

Then I decided to make a clean break from the ELS name. I left ELS Landscaping sitting at that point. Has to do with an old partnership. Wife hates the name and wanted to change the name 2 years ago.

Today I decided to do a local search and. Low and behold the els site is doing the best. I did not see the competitor or my old site.

The reason I did the search is I was going to post those pages to unlinked pages except to home on an archive of the newest web page and set up a 301 in google webmaster tools.

Now I wonder if I should even bother?

Should I move the content and redirect or no? What are you guys seeing for lawn care / service in Grand Prairie texas?
Pretty sure elslandscape has some value Godaddy said it was worth between 150 and 500. Almost that much for

I have considered selling them later this year as there are about 3 to 4 other ELS Landscape companies around the country.
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