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Originally Posted by KeystoneLawn&Landscaping View Post
Find a good used truck with 50-60k on it, put the cash down on that one and have a very quick payoff. I'm a big fan of buying used, let someone else take the hit on the sticker! My last truck was used by a homeowner to pull a camper. The truck looked new but didn't cost like it.
That sounds great but where are those trucks? I am not arguing with you. You were right a few years ago and you would still be right if you could find that deal today. I know they are out there but they are getting so hard to find. The hit on the sticker is disappearing until you get to a truck that is so beat up I would be scared to rely on it for my business.

Here is a link to the value of my truck if I was to go to a lot and find it as it sits now. If you don't want click the link the expected retail for my truck used right now is 39,650! That is more than I paid for it two years ago.

And here is a link to my truck if it had 50k miles and that is still more than I paid for it new.

Yes, it would be great to buy used if you could find a decent truck at a decent price but I am just not seeing it. I used to only buy used. My first 3 trucks were used.

Also, besides being cheaper, new qualifies for 0% while used does not. The math just does not make sense now for buying used. Guys are keeping their trucks for 100k+ miles and only trading them in when they start being a headache. I for one do not want to inherit a headache.
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