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Originally Posted by Isenberg Lawn Care View Post
Ok Sean, I like this. I had it on my mind some but reading this and how you broke it down seemed to explain it better. My only thought is if we have a slight drought...what do you do if you show up a week and it doesnt need mowed/trimmed? I know I could tend to the flower beds and other odds and ends, but what if a house doesnt have such things? Am I wrong to say that sometimes you dont end up doing a service a week here and there but still get paid for it in the end?
Years ago when I first implemented this pricing structure, I had that concern as well, but I honestly in all these years have never come across a situation where a visit did not end up being beneficial - re-edging the beds, weeds/grass removal from hardscape areas, beds weeded, a few shrubs trimmed, some weeds spot-sprayed, some dead-heads removed from plants, small branch pruning, mulch overturned, and even an overall analysis of the property to make suggestions of the owner moving forward (hey Mr. Smith, that old retaining wall in the back is really falling apart, probably time to consider replacing it....)
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