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Originally Posted by DSLND View Post
Thanks, its my buddy's but Im hoping to buy one soon.

LawnMan19- Thanks.

Someone asked me today what my biggest struggle was right now and honestly its credit. Not every bank wants to hand a 19 y/o the kind of cash I need to build the business. But im working on it! lol

Happy plowing to all my Illinois friends tonight!

Nice Shop man! and i totally understand I'm 22 and started at 18 and it sucks having to blow your budget to go pay cash for a piece of equip. or needing a credit line to help with cah flow issues, but it will build up, take it slow and pay the notes on time and actually paying cash for trucks and stuff really helps sometimes, I dont have the newest trucks and trailers but, during this seasons drought and last winters snow drought we cruised right on thru with no worries cause we dont owe alot. But, again Great Work!
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