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What I ran into last season was no matter how you put it to the customer I even had it in writing they had a copy and I had a copy, when it would rain and you didn't show up they would call and want a discount put on their bill for the missed service, I would gently ever so gently explain that it is a monthly service not a per service account, then they would go to pieces and say oh ok well cancel my account. I lost a few like this last year, the other issue is how do you put this on your invoice's, I always try to be completly above board on my invoices and put the service dates, again when the invoice comes in and they see a missed service I always get "that" call. It's an extremely hard sell, even after you sit there face to face with the client and go into detail with them about it, and they say OH OK that makes perfect sense, but once those invoices start coming in they FORGET about the conversation you had.
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