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Can I Save my Dying Lawn???

I live in South Florida and when I moved into a new home in February of 2012 the front yard was all weeds/dirt so I paid a gardening company to re-sod the whole front lawn. It looked great this whole time, and in the last month it is almost completely dead with brown patches all over the place. It is devastating.

I checked my sprinklers and there is adequate coverage of water. I water every Wednesday and Saturday (First 90 days I watered 4-5 times a week for the new sod) and I water for 12 minutes at 6:00 A.M.

Now in certain parts of the front lawn I have these weeds that have grown in all over (Do I pick them's hard without killing the actual grass) and there's dying patches all over the front lawn.

How can I figure out what is killing everything, revive it, and protect the grass from this happening again?

I am really tight with money right now, otherwise I'd hire a professional to diagnose and repair. Thank you so much guys!

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