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Originally Posted by skorum03 View Post
Yeah that makes sense. Today I am going to look at like 7 smaller residential properties in St. Paul and I'm seriously doubting any of these places will have much of a yard. Some of them may only take 5 minutes to do. How do I bid on something like that. Its a little bit of a drive for me to get to the places that I have to mow, but they are all within about a mile of each other so I could zip through them pretty fast. But since it is a longer drive is it worth it for me to bid a little higher and say, if I get it great, if not, I can get more work thats worth more money closer to home?

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Gotta build the travel time into the prices. However, when I was first starting out I pretty much ignored travel time, willing to work anywhere I could and hope that I'd pick up other accounts from friends/neighbors in the immediate area. I'll still take an account a bit off the beaten path and might even give them a really attractive price, if and only if I think it's an exceptional opportunity to get a foothold in a desirable location. I consider it a marketing expense, although it's technically not.
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