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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
The only equipment I'd put an inexperienced guy on was a trimmer until he proved he could run one. Then he could learn to run a Z around the shop and on easier jobs.
Originally Posted by LandFakers View Post
You would be giving somebody a lot of responsibility, for somebody who hasn't worked with you for the past season and hasn't really proved to you how well they can mow and keep your good name intact

Originally Posted by lawnkingforever View Post
Unloading a wb from a pick up bed multiple times all day with ramps would be a pita. I would take a chance and let him use a trailer than worry about my wb crashing onto the concrete
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Originally Posted by smitty's lawncare View Post
i agree with jrs.landscaping. someone with little experience should be the trimmer/blower guy. i feel like one of the most fundamental parts of lawn care is being able to operate all equipment in a safe, efficient manor. walk behinds are one of the most fundamental part of the business. i only use walk behinds (scag) in my business, so i might seem quite partial.
Thanks guys! I'm sorry, I definitely miscommunicated there, I wasn't planning on throwing all of this together this spring. My plan was exactly as you all suggest, to hire someone for weedeating and blowing this year, maybe have them on some wide open spaces or around the shop toward the end of the season, then graduate them to Z operator next year, then the possible independent thing the 3rd year if they show that they're capable. It almost gives me axiety attacks already just thinking of someone on a trimmer, I'm so anal about stuff. And yeah I would definitely get experience on the walk-behind first, just trying to get a preview here. What do you all think about Ferris walk behinds? That's the only WB that's sold local.
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