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Originally Posted by smallstripesnc View Post
... Up to this point I've only done residential properties and I'm scared that if I take 3+ hours out of my day and could be cutting residential properties that IF the church didn't work out then I'd be out three hours of work until I got more accounts to fill the time.
I also work solo, an have passed on opportunities that others say I'm foolish for not wanting to work. These are jobs just like you are considering, in terms of the time allotment.

I had a great job opportunity last Spring, a job that I knew was going to take about three hours, maybe a little longer. While it is tempting to remain at one place for all morning, or all afternoon, nothing having to load and drive, I turned down the opportunity. I don't want these large blocks of time in my schedule when interruptions happen. Yes, it would be great to have a large source of income from one stream, but trying to work around these large time allocations when rain comes, or running out of daylight, is a problem. I don't want to leave a job partially finished, and have to return. The efficiency of the large job is quickly lost.

P.S. I will work for lawyers, doctors, clergy, ... does not matter. Learn to work with them, not ignore them. Everybody's money is green.

I would rather have two 1.5 hour jobs, than one 3.0 hour job, so that I can shuffle schedules when necessary. If every work day was perfect, and I could work from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day, without interruptions, I would seek after these jobs. But, until that time arrives ...

I have no experience with cemetery work, but have lots of threads over the years about how to work them. I will leave comments on this part of your opportunity to others. But, from the time allocation view, I would pass. But, you know how you work, and how you schedule jobs, so maybe it fits with your ways of working.

P.S. I will work with lawyers, doctors, clergy, ... does not matter. Learn to work with everybody, not ignore those of certain careers. Everybody's money is green.
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