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Originally Posted by meets1 View Post
My uncle is service manager at a large ford dealership. His best friend of 30 years owns a GM dealership, and his son is Vise president of large dodge dealer. HE got me few facts from those three over the weekend. This is based on 2011 models as 12 are still out and 13's are starting to sell. 3/4 diesels is what he opted on. Ford has been by far more trouble-some than the other two. Anything from the engine to tranny problems and he doesn't like the idea of lifting the cab away from the bed to fix. The dodge had less probelms on the engine. It is proven over time. Although there were some issues and more trannies than anything else. GM faired the best. Least ammount of work done on a Dmax and tranny. He said those they seen were messing around and uncalled for. My uncles took all there records from 50 serviced trucks that came in with issues for 2011 model year. Maybe that year was better for some and worse for others. In my area most 3/4 tons are hooked to a 5th wheel livestock trailer or some sort of concrete, conscrtuction business. So they wanted to see where the problems were (type of work there doing) vs the farmer coming into town for coffee and sitting at the livestock auction (as my uncle called them , Ice Cream Trucks)

So whatever this tid bit of info is worth to you but my uncle is still Die Hard FORD!
hmmm, that's very seems like ford has had a great truck since the 2011 (6.7L) came out, i honestly haven't heard any issues...from '03-'10 there were issues but that was mainly because of Navistar, not Ford, since there were so many problems ford eventually cut them off and made everything "in house." the consensus on the GM's seems the same, never any major problems, still my least favorite of the 3 tho...the dodge's 6.7 cummins from what i hear is basically a 5.9 with emissions on it...the 5.9 is probably the most proven diesel out there, actually, there is no probably about it, it's still wrapped in a dodge tho...with that said, i hear dodge is making huge improvements from rust problems to better will be interesting to see who has the best truck in the near future, it seems like all of them are making a lot of improvements...

not sure about the others, but it looks like GM is doing an undercoating for all of their new trucks to prevent rust, great idea...

what i don't like about the new fords is you have to lift the cab for any major work...they also have is the heaviest truck too, not sure i like that, kills MPG's...everything about the ford is heavy, even the doors and tailgate are much heavier than my friends GM, just seems unnecessary...

i'm still a ford guy
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