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Originally Posted by Crimson Lawn View Post
JF, Marsh,
I dont have or use either. I developed my invoices in MS Word. Fill them out for the year and only need to make changes if something is dropped or added. I worked on an easy payment tracker and it works for me so when it comes to taxes and P & L statments I look at my Qt sheets my account does. Its just me and maybe 2 guys for most of the season. I do have my monthly employees filings I pay but my accountant does that for me as well. I get poked at for this but I deposit all money made into my bank.
I guess what Im looking at is that my accountant charges me $40 a month for the business, $25 a month for payroll. At the end of the year she charges me $120 for Year end tax filings. She separates all my receipts in their respective catagories. So $900 for the year and I dont have the headach of trying to do something that I dont know about and fear of filing wrong and getting visited by the KGB again.
I'm really looking for a better invoicing program that I can print and email to customers. Just wanted to know how other people did their's and what benefit it was to you?
I guess you need to decide if you need a scheduling program. I use Qexpress for that. At the end of the month it sends the data to Quickbooks which creates the invoices. If all you need is the ability to create invoices you would just use Quickbooks. Ask your accountant about QBs.
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