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I am glad to see folks are starting to look before jumping into frigid waters, I'm guessing that means we've all learned a few lessons the hard way... It sure beats jumping in head first, it's not so much about trepidating around while barely sticking the big toe in to see if the water's cold knowing full well you'll never jump in at that rate, but it is about being a little bit cautious and checking out the various angles before jumping in head first where there could be a big rock hiding right underneath the surface...

You see...

I think churches and cemeteries have their place in this Industry, keeping in mind we all have to start somewhere this would be the type of job I would take only if I was interested in doing more of the same and needed the experience... That means I will lose some money, but it also paves the road for future endeavors of this kind, turning it down now likely means more of the same as well, granted you can still change your mind later but you have to decide which way to go on this here crossroads.
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