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Originally Posted by MJ Services View Post
Landfakers, how do you like that NNT trailer? I bought a used one a few weeks ago to upgrade to a 16' dual axle. I had a 12' single prior. The NNT I bought checked out OK, for the price anyway, but it's beat to hell for only being 4 years old. Gonna take some work to get it pretty later this Spring. I tried looking up some info on them but coldn't find much except that "Tool Shed of America" sells them. The one I bought had that sticker on it as well. Other than that, Can't find anything. I think they're made out near Harrisburg PA but couldn't find a legit website for them. I wanted to find some info on their axles, brakes, etc. Lemme know if you know of anywhere to get that kind of information.

I live 2 mins from Tool shed and they sell a ton of them. He cant keep them in stock. He offers a full 1 year warrenty on everything. I bought a 6.5x12 2 years ago with the mesh high sides and only paid $900. Over the winter he has awesome deals. I think they are made in the carlisle area.
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