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Originally Posted by Turboguy View Post
One option for the jobs that don't get watered and for the hotter times of the year is to use a co-polymer gel in the mix. It looks about like sugar but will hold 400 times it's weight in water. They say it will cut watering requirements about 50% and it isn't expensive to use. $ 50.00 worth will do an acre. It comes in different grinds. The larger ones are used under transplanted shrubs and the finer grinds in hydroseeding. I use it some of the time and it does seem to work well and help with the water problem.
Yes we used that product under new sod jobs and put it on with compost on top of yards. The jury is still out on how much affect it made as top dressing on our test plots. This year we will be running some test plot with local nursery using their compost tea.
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