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Originally Posted by Richard Martin View Post
Some people use the radical concept of putting the fuel directly in the mower, thereby eliminating the gas can step.
I don't know that this is radical. Just a different set up. If you got big mowers and you can pull up to a gas station and fuel them up enough that they last all day long, awesome. More power to you. We're running smaller mowers and we're mowing 16-22 lawns a day with them. So we have to refuel them a couple times a day, usually. And since we don't want to have to stop by gas stations several times a day (we typically stop once every 2 days) then we use gas cans.

I guess this issue of trailers is just like a lot of threads here on Lawnsite: there is no one solution or way to do it that works for everyone. What works perfectly for some situations may not work at all for others. We're all in different areas, doing a different number of lawns every day, using different size equipment, some of us haul clippings away, others mulch, each of our needs are different. So this thread is like most others in that way, I guess. YMMV.
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