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Originally Posted by noahb195 View Post
Im digging the wheels on the crew cab long bed. Is there a link to that article? I would love to read it.
Thanks man. I posted a few more pictures of the truck. Heres the link.

Originally Posted by Mikegyver View Post
I'm in the exact same boat. I am 19 and trying to grow my business. I just have had to pay cash for everything and take loans from family for bigger items. I hope to have a full time mow crew out this year while I do landscaping and irrigation full time. But its going to be several years till I get to where you are. Needless to say I'm really impressed. Your shop/office is great.
Keep it up!
Thanks man. Sounds like you are on the right track.

Originally Posted by Dunlaps LawnCare View Post
still looking good my friend
Thanks, buddy.

Originally Posted by CriderLawn09 View Post
Nice Shop man! and i totally understand I'm 22 and started at 18 and it sucks having to blow your budget to go pay cash for a piece of equip. or needing a credit line to help with cah flow issues, but it will build up, take it slow and pay the notes on time and actually paying cash for trucks and stuff really helps sometimes, I dont have the newest trucks and trailers but, during this seasons drought and last winters snow drought we cruised right on thru with no worries cause we dont owe alot. But, again Great Work!
Thanks! I'd say the shop has been the best move for the business. 15k cars/day pass by. Its on a one-way in the outskirts of downtown and its at a 4-way stop light. Lots of exposure! Yep, as I said the money issue is the biggest set back right now. But i'm working with it.

Heres some more pictures fellas of the truck and a few others.

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Chevy Trucks
Western Plow
Sno Ex Spreader
Lesco Fertilizer Equipment
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