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I can't see how a dump trailer would be easier if you are unloading with a machine
I think you misunderstood him. He said

its so much easier to unload the mulch with a pitch fork and wheel barrow out of a trailer with a gate than to deal with a truck
I agree. There is no easier way get mulch to a cleanup than on an open trailer with a gate. Roll the wheelbarrows up, large scoop shovel off a smooth, flat surface, back out and go. Two laborers can move 5 yds to exactly where it needs to go in 1 hour.

I have a friend that uses a Masons dump. He dumps it on the street because he can. He thinks this is somehow speeding him up. Then he shovels it off the street the same way that we do off of our open trailers. But, if we have extra, we don't use it. if he has extra, he either donates it to the homeowner, or shovels it back on his dump. Then he cleans the street.Why ? We are long gone by then, and he paid a heck of a lot more in gas to drive his dump around all day, plus insurance, maintenance, etc.
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