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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
I've been a solo-operator for years now and I don't have to worry about marketting, becuz my customer retention has been stable for most of my adult life... I also do complete care of lawn and landscape, so not only is the lawn mowed meticulously but is growing as a top notch lawn w/out disease issues as well... The landscape beds are healthy vibrant well puned and easy on the eyes...

I record the relevant numbers at the end of each day, and quarterly I go through the check book to assess the sales tax and estimates on the taxable income... I used to spend my off time(winter) working for H&R Block so knowing the relevant numbers to record, keeps my OUT of the office during the season that I'm outdoors, living the dream...

The thing I notice more than anything with other scapers, is their focus is on MONEY right now... My POV is 'excellence now', and the money will always be there... We took on a couple new clients a couple of years ago becuz the wife got bored... keeping employees busy and profitable creates a lot of waste and sends pricing sky-high, which I love... I'm a bargain at 3/4 the charge of employeed LCOs and way overpaid at the same time...

I think LCOs want to be like TGCL for the sake of ego, and really don't enjoy the work the way others do... I love the work and don't want employees, killing my buzz...
I am all for the solo-operator - it is a choice and a lifestyle. I am not knocking it by any stretch.

One thing I have always talked about though is the "what-if" scenario, and in this industry, it is a very possible what-if....

What if you get hurt? Break your foot and can't work for 6 weeks?
What if you hurt your back? Many people in this industry have experienced this, myself included.

To be honest, some of the most successful business owners I speak with and work with absolutely HATE this kind of work. They started out doing the work and realized very early on they did not like it, but they liked being in business for themselves, employing and managing people, and providing a needed service people appreciate.
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