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Spraying Ag grade Potash from tank.

I bought a bag of Ag grade 0-0-60 from a local feed store to do a "jar test" to see how quickly it dissolved. I took 3 one litre containers and filled them each 1/2 way with water. 1 warm from tap, 1 cold from tap and one with water from outside hovering at the 35F temp. I then added one palm full about 1/8 cup fertilizer to the containers.

Both the warm and the cold from tap water solution dissolved readily with about 15 seconds of vigorous shaking of the container. There was no remnants left in the bottom and there has been no settling 3 hrs after making the solution. It has remained in suspension.

About 75% of the near freezing solution dissolved with the same amount of agitation. The other 25% dissolved after about 30 minutes of sitting in the container outside in the cold and snow.

The bag of product is a red color with a flaked consistency, certainly not the NewMexico 0-0-62 "fine" I have sprayed in the past but not a fertilizerer prill either.

The price is half the price of the last New Mexico product I priced. The savings for me would be great if I could use this product sprayed from my tanks this Spring.

Does anyone have experience with doing this in the past and if so, I'd like to know how it went?? I'd like to know others thoughts on it also. All of my spray units have excellent jet agitation.
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