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Did you see it in person or is this an emailed photo? Does it actually work? Can you listen over the phone? How much pressure can it maintain? How many gallons per minute do you get? How many gallons per minute is the pump supposed to deliver? After a few years of wear and tear an older battery, and small guage wires--it may put out only 90 percent of factory-new condition. Then subtract 10 percent for each 100 feet friction loss in the hose--which is probably 3/8 inch. Friction loss is much higher if the speed of the fluid through the hose is high--such as when you are trying to get 5 gals per min through a skinny 3/8 hose. I think it may be suitable for 1 gal per minute, not so sure about 2 gal or more. Fine for herbicide.

Later, if you are using it for a nurse tank for your Permagreen, you may need a bigger pump or bilge pump--otherwise refills will be too slow.

Looks like new. The aluminum base will never rust, likewise the stainless tank straps. Hose and red paint are not faded which indicates indoor storage and not too much sunlight.

Can you find a way to raise and rotate the reel so you can pull the hose off the curb side of the truck? Or do you have a van where you can spray out the side door? Electric reel would be helpful. Where do you stand as you are reeling up the hose?
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