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it was built in 2012 at a place a few miles down the road from me. according to this lady she has went out of the business ,or never had time to do it... so i doubt it has been used much . I was gonna check it out sunday (found it local), gonna do a bucket check, see if i can get 2 gallons per minute. she claims it was strong, and used for tree and shrub (i notice the jd-9 gun on it) and supposedly could reach 20ft. atleast i can check it out first.. but it seems like a good price for what it is.

definetly not ideal for the back of the truck, but was considering either mounting it on the trailer, or finding a way to raise the reel and rotate as you said. the company that made it is a stones throw a way and they built it new for 1300 last year.
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