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PJ dump trickle charge not working, hardwiring to truck?

Hey guys I have had my PJ dump trailer for probably 5-6 years and noticed the trickle charge that it's supposed to have is not quite working anymore and I've heard this has happened to a few people with PJ dumps.

Place local to me that sells them says they have been installing basically a wire from the trailer to either the truck battery or alternator, I'm not really sure, so the trailer dumps off the truck. And they would charge me $500 to do it.

Was wondering if anyone has done this or know what I should do?

Is it as simple as hooking something to the battery terminals on the trailer and run them to a plug then hook wires to the battery on the truck and run that to a plug in the back then just plug into each other when I'm pulling the trailer?

Any help would be great. Thanks guys.
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