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One note on copying and pasting for word, word likes to "fancify" your writings, curled apostrophes and quotation marks instead of the "normal" single and double quote characters, and several other things like type a word, hit space, then hyphen (-) then another space and you will see that hyphen get bigger, it is now a different character.

Depending on how your site is set up, and what method used to edit it, it may or may not handle display those characters correctly, and, my oh my, when you copy from word and paste into some web editors, it takes with it a ton of "crap" code behind it that you don't visually see.

I know this is hard to tell if you are not used to it, but if you are using an editor that uses "TinyMCE", (and they do make an addon for WordPress to use it), Look for the icon you see in the attached file, and use that to add content that had been copied from Word. It does a really good job of stripping out the junk, and converting special characters over to how they properly need represented on a web page (ex.. ™ instead of an actual TradeMark symbol)

(Oh and if you want to completely strip ANY formatting, you can use the one pictured to the left, to paste plain text)
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