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Question on Nightscaping transformer

So I pulled out an old 1000 watt, Nightscaping transformer out of my attic that I took off of a job a couple years back. I am installing some lights out behind my house in my back trees. I figuired I would use this transformer but I am running into an issue and just wondered if any of you have seen it. I pulled all the old 25 amp fustats, and replaced them with 20 amp ones to have fresh ones in there (it's all I could find at Lowes). I hooked up my runs, but only the runs on the C and D lugs lit up. I pulled out my meter and tested all the lugs. When I turn off A and B all of the terminal colored voltage blocks seem to work as they should. When I turn ON A and B the blue and yellow lugs read 25 volts. The runs on A and B do not light up (although A and B lugs do register Voltage at the lugs.) Kind of strange, says I. It's dark and I am inside now, so I will have to check it out further tomorrow sometime, but thought I would send this out to see if any of you have any thoughts.


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