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I just want to add a little to this discussion

I just had this chat with my dealer about this very concern--situation; we are looking for a walker/navigator to put on the trailer for our second crew. We demoed a navigator and made some modifications to it so that it behaved more like a walker and we were really impressed. Our biggest concern is not brand so much as we work almost exclusively with this dealer because of their standard of service. When we asked for a quote on this machine with the modifications (about $165) for this fall the price was a walloping $16,200.00 pre tax. I have a very open line of communication with the owner of the dealership and I explained to him my concern in the almost $5K price difference to the walker. He opened up to me about their pricing structure and the issue in the high pricing was not him but the distributor. Based on the replies to this thread it seems that this distributor may be responsible for increasing prices on more than just our area.

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