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Originally Posted by Andrew & Ben's Lawn Care View Post
You hit the nail on the head Sean. I decided this year (year #5) I'm going big and leaving solo behind. I could try and figure out my own plan for doing this, or I could emulate a proven one in your back pocket? I won't do a franchise, I have more work than I can handle now & have no intention of giving any away for "national recognition". So come on man, throw me a bone...
I could direct you to all of my web sites for the "full length feature film", but here is a helpful movie trailer for you....

1.) Advertise at all times, never stop
2.) Hire right, train right
3.) Implement a system for every aspect of your business
4.) Know your numbers - all of them
5.) Treat your customers as best you can
6.) Invest in your business when it makes sense
7.) Use the internet
8.) Keep learning
9.) Continue your industry education
10.) Be careful where you get your business advice
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