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Thank you blabarre. Yes, I am quite happy with what I have spent so far. It was never my intention to pay retail for the major components. I had intended to ply ebay junk-yards, etc. Finding the wrecked mower however has eliminated the need to do that since it had all the major components I needed. It suffered frame damage resulting in bent frame parts. The frame parts on my burnt mower however were actually the most useable parts so things are working out pretty well so far. A great example are the brakes. The brake handle and brake shaft are from the burned mower. The brake bands, linkage parts and fasteners are from the wrecked mower. As a bonus I have an extra brake shaft for sure and possibly some linkage parts to sell or use as spares. Including the cost of the wrecked mower my total expenditures so far are approximately $1169.22.
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