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I do not have a Kubota, but I do mulch all the time. I have a JD Z920 26 HP and use the mulching blades. I would think that your mower would do fine. A few things about mulching in general: I have 4 sets of blades and change them at least once a week depending on the time of year and growth. I spray some fluid film under the deck after changing blades especially when grass is moist in the spring. It makes for quicker clean up the next blade change. I change my oil and filter every 50 hours. The engine works hard at times when it has all that grass to process. Lastly, I do not start cutting early in the day on bermuda yards when they are still wet. Waiting a few hours for it to dry makes a huge difference. I do not spend much time blowing off sidewalks at commercial properties.
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