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Originally Posted by PapaD View Post
Still waiting, but I have 2 questions for those who have received their CRA.

1. Has DuPont denied liability for any trees that were included on your claim report?
2. How has DuPont handled any trees that were taken down before it was known that Imprelis was the cause of the tree dying. We took down several small trees in May 2011 because they had died, not realizing that they were killed by Imprelis.

I am just trying to be prepared for when the big day finally arrives.
I can't give an answer on question #2 but as to the first, on the one claim I saw, Dupont did either replace or offer maintenance on every one of the trees, even those listed as a 1 or 2. As to the question of "liability", of course they went out of their way to explicitly state that the agreement is not evidence of fault. That's kind of stupid since the preponderance of evidence is quite undeniable.

If any jury needs proof, they don't have to look any further than my own case. Not only did the large 25' to 35' trees along my property see damage but the site condo association White Pine right off the corner of my property is showing the same devastating damage. The two other trees the association planted at the exact time away from my yard look beautiful and are as green as the day they were planted some ten or more years ago. Dupont can write anything they care to in their agreements, anyone with an ounce of intelligence sitting on a jury would have to side with the plaintiff.

I thought I saw that you were told Dupont had mailed your agreement back in September or October to your management company? Are they still dragging you around? When did you begin the process?
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