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Originally Posted by michiman View Post
I thought I saw that you were told Dupont had mailed your agreement back in September or October to your management company? Are they still dragging you around? When did you begin the process?
We had our original inspection on 12/13/11.

I am not sure where to start, but we are still waiting for the CRA. Here is a brief history of the past few months.

1. In August, we got a phone call from DuPont that we should have our CRA within 3 weeks.

2. Four weeks later in September, we were told that the CRA had been sent to our management company and returned to DuPont as "undeliverable".

3. Later in September, we were told that our request to have the CRA sent to me as the President of the HOA delayed everything and if we did not have it in 4 to 6 weeks call back for an update.

4. In October, I was told that the final draft of the CRA had been sent to Legal for final approval to send it to us.

5. Later in October, they called and asked if all of the trees were on common property. When I said no, they asked me to send them information regarding the ownership of the trees. Two of the 215 trees on our claim report were on privately owned property and I emailed them the names and addresses for the ownership of those trees.

6. In early November, the person that I had corresponded with was no longer with them and her replacement told me she could not answer my questions and I had to call the hot line to get an update. As we all have experiences, that was another very frustrating call.

7. In late November, they called and said that they needed "proof" that I was the President of the HOA and I should fax that to them. Two days later, I faxed them a copy of the minutes for the meeting where I was elected President and also a letter from our property manager confirming it. I did get confirmation that my fax was sent successfully.

8. After the holidays, since I had not heard anything, I called the lady who had asked for the fax and was told that they had no record of receiving the fax. I gave her the exact time that the fax was sent. She checked for it and called me back saying that it could not be found.

9. I resent the fax and did get a phone call confirming that it had been received and was being dent to Legal. About an hour later, I got a phone call from Legal confirming that they had it and asking a question regarding the ownership of the trees. I referred her to my previous email, which I had included in the fax. Supposedly, they now had everything they needed from me. I asked when I could expect to receive the CRA and I probably do not have to tell anyone on this forum what the response was - "We cannot state when the CRA will be sent but we are working as fast as we can".

10. It is now 10 days later and as I have for several months now, I still optimistically go to the front door every time I hear a noise, but nothing yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Just typing out this history, I can feel my blood pressure rising again. The doctor just increased my medicine again. When this is all over, I can probably go off the medicine all together.

I will let you know when I finally do get the CRA.
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