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Originally Posted by Kylec3 View Post
I actually just made a website through wordpress about a week ago. Never have had a website in 25yrs but with having some down time this winter I decided to get the business online. (its my dads business i plan to take over in future).

Its still in the works but here it is so far.

I had no experience whatsoever and just decided to take on the challenge. Learned everything online by reading and watching a few videos. Its actually pretty simple after the first time using a template with wordpress. I used as a host. Actually bought my domain from go daddy though.

Checked your site out! looks like you have a good start on it and i like the look you're going after. It caught my attention. Might be one of the best self done websites i've seen on here. Keep working on it, seen you didn't have any "about us" and "photos' up yet.

My main add that I didn't see a lot of on the front page was keywords. stuff as many as you can into your descriptions. this is what google and other search engines pick up on. Many times you can do this as invisible or "hidden" but it never hurts to keep plugging them in where possible. Once again, nice site and hope it pays off for you. When I looked at it, I got the feeling I was looking at a professional lawn care company.
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