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Previous remark about too much water is correct. Unless you want to pay someone, that will be for you to figure out in terms of how much overwatering you are doing. Without knowing your soils,rainfall, and your irrigation system, it is hard to say for a guy behind a computer. I am gonna guess that you can cut it in half as of now. You have lots of dollar weed (loves water), and brown patch...(loves water). You can grow out of your brown patch, and you can kill dollar weed, so yer in luck. If you want to do it all yourself, contact your local extention service for help on whats and augustine can be a pain, even more so in the warmer months. More water, fertilizer, and a bunch of chemicals probably wont work how you like. Get the extention service program and follow it as close as you can. I would guess you could also use a rain sensor on your irrigation clock, and possibly drainage improvements. BTW, there is no seed for st augustine, so dont think that is an option....only sod.
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