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Just a quick update on the XT855 upgrades over the XT850.
1. Upgraded the engine to the turbo charged version of the same engine with a gross of 32hp.
2. Changed the drive belt from a cogged belt to a duel V-belt set up. This may seem like a small change, but now when your belt breaks you can probably find a cheap replacement at your local auto parts store.
3. Ground drive motors changed from the Sauer motor with the tapered shaft to the Poclain motor with a bolt circle mount. No more key shear failures that require new sprocket and motor replacement.
4. The sprocket is now a forged sprocket rather than a cast sprocket. This just means that the sprocket is now "tougher" with harder teeth that will last quite a bit longer than the cast sprockets.
5. The main valve, diverter valves, and electronic controler are all located outside of the main frame and placed in an accessable "box" on the side of the machine. It makes for faster and easier maintenance.
6. Excavator hoses changed from a 3000 psi hose to a 4000 psi hose with a abrasion resistance jacket.
7. Ability to add on a bolt on Stabilizer Kit.
8. Front idler wheel in the tracks now have the ability to be greased, and the other idler wheels are now "harder."

There are more changes, but I'll have to look into it closer to figure them out. Also it was said by "J Peterson" that the boom only moves as an offset. I don't believe that is correct. The excavator has a swing function like any normal backhoe as well as an offset. One function is controlled with the left joystick, left to right, and the other is controlled with a "thumb" button on the joystick, left and right.

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