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In my experience. There is only one way to properly irrigate..."as needed".I believe this to be successful for residential and commercial turfgrass under most all environmental conditions experienced. Should apply anywhere.
1. Must have even coverage while hitting target areas.

2. "Calibrate". Find out how long it takes for each zone to apply 1" of water evenly. Set that time and never change it unless to correct up/down for the 1" minimum.

3. Irrigation should Finnish by 9am. Once calibration has been completed. Its math time. Total of complete system run time (all zones ◊ minutes of run time).
Ex: 7 zones ◊ 45 min per zone = 315 min or 5.25 hrs to run complete. Deducting 5.25 hrs from 9 am would leave a 3:45 am start time.

4. Once all calibration is complete. Turn off the system.

5. When 50% to 60% of turfgrass areas start showing drought (wilt) it will be time to turn on the system, let it run its cycle then turn it off again until 50% to 60% of drought return.

6. Number 5 will ALWAYS apply. Environmental factors cancel our ability to set a programed irrigation schedule.

7. You can not rely on technology ( rain sensor or programs ) for proper irrigation management. This will fail at some point. You must manually use your BRAIN.

8. There will always be, at times localized drought stress even after instituting proper irrigation management. Under extreme drought conditions soil can become hydrophobic ( localized hot spots ) they can vary in size 2' sq and up.
Normal irrigation cycles for these areas might not become sufficient and require additional hand watering.

9. Under heavy rains turf problem will occurs but if you are managing irrigation properly as described the impact will be minimized.


I believe at this time if you make the irrigation changes then start applying 0-0-62 at rate twice per month until turfgrass starts to show improvement. Then back off the 0-0-62 and apply under any stressful conditions.

After about 6 to 8 weeks you will be in better overall condition. Continue practicing what I described and as time goes by things will become easier.
Wait till you see your water bill from this practice.
With all due respect to Poet. I think no Brown patch, now known as (Large Patch). Too dry environmentally. JMO.
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