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Originally Posted by BrandonV View Post
Just got back from a trip to vegas/grand canyons/lake mead. had a good deal of fun. It's odd not having humidity in the air, yall should try it :-)

Regardless after taking the dam tour (which I absolutely loved and recommend the extended guided tour $$) I have decided most of yall will be out of business in 5-10 years. What are yall planning on doing? Being on the east coast it really put things into perspective on yalls population problem out there. The guide explained that lake mead is 50' below "optimum" level and is loosing ~10' a year and basically said that if the lake drops another 50' that hoover dam will no longer be able to generate power (that's 5 years unless yall get a hurricane.

I don't care how much irrigation maximization you do there's no way the landscape industry is going to win out vs agriculture/industry and domestic use. I don't think ending landscape irrigation will solve the problem either but we'll be on the chopping block first. What is the left coast doing about these levels? Desalination plants? Cutting off Mexico from the Colorado?
Yup .... been saying it for years. All those downstream folk are hating life when drought hits, as well as all those upstream folk who were dumb enough to sell their rights to the downstream folk.
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