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Exmark Lazer 52" Hopping/Jerking forward

Looking at picking up a used 2001 Exmark Lazer 52" off a friend who upgraded. The machine seems to run smooth but has 1800 hours and I can't be sure of it lifetime maintenance.
The one real problem that bothers me is a distince jerking or hopping motion when the levers are pressed forward.
I am very familiar with Exmark and already own a same era 48" Lazer. I know the dampeners on this 52" are completely shot, but think that dampeners really only have a smoothing effect on initial "acceleration". This machine seems to continue the hopping for several seconds especially if you really gun it hard with the levers fully forward. You can feather the levers carefully forward and the jerking is either slight or sometimes not present at all.
I have searched these threads thoroughly, and see many reasons such as dampeners, air intrusion...
I am wondering if this extended jerking may be a sign of failing wheel motors, and if there may be additional diagnostics to isolate, confirm or eliminate the wheel motors as the culprit.
What it boils down to is if is just the dampeners it is a good deal if the motors are shot I will take a pass on it. Any help appreciated, Thanks.
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