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Originally Posted by lawnrich View Post
I would not buy a used Bill Goat. When the metal bent, it pushed the battery into the muffler almost causing a fire and the battery to short out. I will definitely get you some pictures to look at, but I would look into the Giant Vac Value Line Tow Behind. While I was dealing with warranty issues on my Billy Goat, I found this machine.
I'm sorry for the trouble you've had with your Billy Goat but to be fair it was used. It may not have been noticed when the unit was reviewed and it may have been exactly why the unit was being sold. We've sold thousands of DL's and since their introduction and we've had 2 claims for bent engine bases.

To be honest though, when first introduced we did have some bad welds on the engine base frames. When those failed they would lead to stress fractures in the engine base. That's been corrected years ago but we stand behind our products and we covered those units under warranty.

The unit you describe is a DL1802VE. The Giant-Vac you show is a 29hp that hasn't been produced on well over a year. It's not an apples to apples comparison. Now, we do have a 25 and 35hp unit if you're interested in reviewing larger tow behind units.
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