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Originally Posted by Wiedmann View Post
I guess by putting tagline and loading my pages full of keywords didn't get me on first page of google in a large market.. my bad. must of been pure luck!
I guess we also differ on what constitutes a "large market".

Here's the thing with your "stuffing" advice vs what you are doing in practice. You have a nice looking, well done site. Short of your hidden div text, which isn't so much stuffing as it is a regurgitation of the page content, I would wager you would likely rank well without the hidden div text. If the tactic catches up with you, you'll at least know why. If the process of getting a site ranking again, after Google pushes you in to rank purgatory, is something you're game for, I think you and your site's designer have a solid plan. I wouldn't personally recommend this strategy to people as I've been through the process of helping people climb back out of that pit. Blackhat techniques are an easy DIY effort. Regaining your losses is not.
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