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Originally Posted by flyingdutch16 View Post
Thanks man. The mechanic at ace hardware which is where I work during the winter convinced me to the the 81 instead of the 56. Apparently there have been a bunch of warrant clamps all ready on the 56 due to things breaking in the gearbox. So that's why I figured might as well spend a little extra and get a good piece of equipment. Plus I got a partial discount due to working there which was nice.

Ill be getting my exmark from conway power equipment in west chester. Mike there has been really helpful to me and I really like their service as well.
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yea thats who im going to for my exmark. Taking a trip up there next week to look at a X series

You wont regret getting the 81T. There the best hedge trimmers ive ever used. Just need to get you a long reach hedge trimmer. Makes a great pair
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