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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
What's the girly tv show? :laughs:

I was hoping to wake up to something more than this, but according to NWS, the majority will be after 3pm.
Man don't make me relive that lol....Don't you guys have side walks or slating to go do?? If not I suggest getting your numbers together and offer the service, I had just about a 1/3 of my income coming from the little events last year and this year as well and only worked about 4 hours per event. Now I have to admit my salting numbers probably aren't right where they should be but I am also not out going after big lots until I figure out the exact science, a lot of money could be lost there.

Oh and will probably have 2 or 3 tailgate salters available late winter/spring. One is a western(not sure of model) needs a controller, and 2 snow ex, one is a Pivot Pro 1075 and the other is the Bulk Pro 1875 w/vibrator. The 1875 is being rebuilt right now and as soon as it gets a little warmer I will get it done(no heat in the garage)
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