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In the day of Lesco. There started a product line called Novex. The blends were all CTRN. It was a ureaformaldahide N source with a controlled timed released nitrogen. It was big bucks. Every pellet of fert was like a little bag of fert. Not a 50# blend of N-P-K with minors mixed in a bag. Every prill has everything. Great technology, to much $.

After following applications made with this product I found that turfgrass growing with stolons or rhizomes, each recover easily from blade damage (scalp & tear) as well as moderate foot traffic and environmental stresses. Turfgrass damaged purposely showed excellent recovery without reapplying product even after 6 week into application. How about not having to reapply for recovery. To bad it was considered too expensive. 3◊ the normal price but 1/3 the application frequency. Its all relative.

If you can find it under its current name unless it wasn't considered cost effective and no longer blended. It would possibly be your silver bullet.
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