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Originally Posted by FerrisDiesel View Post
If anything like Sean said, this is going to be beneficial to the customer. If in April you do a spring clean-up, a mulch and edge job, and mow their lawn a couple times it's gonna add up. Most of my customers are pretty well off and can afford that, but maybe they would like to strecth it out over 12 months to help lessen that big chunk of money first thing in the season.
I have money in the bank too, not as much as a larger company, but enough to cover my expenses for the winter and start up costs come the Spring. It sure would be nice to have some cash flow coming in if we don't get snow to plow, thus lessening the money I need to take out of savings to cover expenses.

Sean, I know you covered a little bit of this but what if we get alot of rain or possibly a drought? And my customers don't have alot of other extra stuff we could do in their yeard to make up the difference? What could we do to offset the cost? Maybe give them a credit toward snowplowing? or maybe a credit toward the following years services?
I can't answer for Sean but what I do is, I don't prune the whole landscape at one time. I do it in sections. So if you keep an eye on the weather and you see it starting to get dry and they don't have irrigation you can do a little every visit.

As far as rain goes, I only schedule maintenance for 5 days. That leaves me with one day or 2 if needed for makeups. Plus I have in my agreement that if weather prevents maintenance for days then the property will have to wait until we can service it again.

Which could mean a skip that week, but you have more work the following week due to growth, so you end up cutting it 2 or 3 times anyway. And that is what I say if questioned. Which I haven't been yet. Plus I have in my agreement that no discounts will be given for rain delays.

But I have mowed in the rain many a times. But I won't if I'm going to damage the lawn.

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