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In the early 00's we had similar talk in Sydney. Regular rain seemed to have disappeared, all the climate change folk were talking doom and gloom, predicting that most capital cities in Australia would be out of water within 5 years. In 2008 regular rain started to come back in Sydney and our major dam went from 38% to 65% over Winter and slowly started to rise over the next year. In 2009 they lifted the ban on sprinklers after previously saying they will never be permitted again, especially with the growing population.

Two years ago Brisbane and South East Queensland suffered from massive floods for the first time in 40 years, and Sydney copped it last Summer. We had our wettest Summer on record. Our dam was full and now this Summer which has been hot and dry ( It is Summer here now) business is booming.

There were some tough times when they banned sprinklers, but I think weather patterns just shift over time and will return to what is considered "normal" eventually. An expert here was saying it all goes in 8 year cycles- dry patches and wet patches. I'm not saying to not think ahead and think about an alternative career, but I think there are people with agendas out there that make things seem much worse than what they actually are.
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