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Why not put a condensed "quick contact" form on each page? If you send visitors to your form page first, you're not introducing your business and services to them.

Re: "e-message", the standard term for this is "contact form". I see that you use the term "e-message" in both the main menu, side bar, and content. Maybe people will click there just to find out what the heck an e-message is.

As a suggestion, you have a contact page (phone/email) and an e-message contact form page...and an estimate page (phone/email/contact form). That's three separate navigation menu items that goes to three separate pages that all essentially do the same thing. There's really no reason to not have them just be one page. Your visitors might appreciate it.

Also, if you haven't seen it, there is a dedicated web sub-forum here on lawnsite.
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